A Valentine’s Tale: Forever Young…Forever Yours

We take Valentine’s Day very seriously at CitiFloral, Inc. It is our most important day to shine for our customers. Whether they are seen as stars has a major impact on their marriage or relationship. This is the day when people express their love and have only one chance to get it perfect.

We recognize the important role we play in our customers’ lives. In most cases, red roses are recognized as the flower that represents true love. Our history shows that customers and recipients are awed by perfect red roses that are beautiful, fresh and long-lasting. But, let a customer down and they feel that you have ruined their one day to show their best. The roses have to convey the emotion that the sender is “forever yours.”

I was not here last year at Valentine’s Day for reasons beyond my control. I do not know whether the roses that were delivered met our standard of perfection, but a lot of the roses we received for that holiday were returned to our suppliers due to quality reasons.

This year, I was in contol, and we made every effort to find a red rose that would fit the bill. We found the Forever Young variety to be ideal at a reasonable price. We ordered lots of Forever Young roses from the best growers, having no idea of the actual demand this Valentine’s Day. We received them all in time.

In the end, this Valentine’s Day turned out to be a moderate success. We kept focused on our mission during the turmoil and mayhem that characterize the day for florists. We recognized the drag that the economic situation is having on all of us. We did not take on more than we could bite off. Although we had to turn away a lot of business, at the end of the day we were able to rest in peace–in large part due to Forever Young!

Forever yours,
Jeff Gaster, Chairman

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