Valentine’s, the Day of Roses

The roses you choose to send you love on Valentine’s Day can make all the difference between a passionate gesture and a disaster.

A rose is not just a rose. You can get cheaper roses than ours, but there’s usually a reason. We buy only top quality, long-stem red roses, present them elegantly, and hand deliver them expertly. You only have one shot at making a smashing impression. It is our mission to help you do just that.

Please don’t get alarmed by the Valentine’s cost of roses. It’s just a matter of market supply and demand. Like the Dutch tulips of centuries ago, it seems that the prices go through the roof once a year. But, we and our customers are used to this. They cannot wait for a post-holiday sale of roses.

We would say come early and often–well, at least early. Don’t be disappointed when Feb. 14 rolls around. Please call us or order online before it’s too late,

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