Looking for an Expert at International Orders?

CitiFloral has developed a special expertise in sending flower orders to overseas destinations and filing orders coming from foreign countries for delivery in New York. From our beginnings 25 years ago, we realized that international business was a very important field for florists and their customers. It was an area largely ignored or misunderstood by florists.

Early on, we attracted many customers who sent flowers overseas. At one time, American Express Platinum Card concierge was one of our biggest provider of orders. We learned how to send their orders overseas and fill then in New York or elsewhere in the US. Other companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and the Trump Group have us to send orders or them throughout the world.

We became one of the biggest senders of international orders through FTD. Most of those were delivered through Interflora, the European counterpart of FTD and now a division of FTD. When FTD moved its headquarters, we helped educate the new international staff and its director about the process of sending, receiving and handling international orders.

Our service and quality became so well known that we were soon asked to deliver all FTD international orders in New York City. Now, we still receive and deliver a large portion of these overseas orders. And, because of our expertise, we are often asked to handle large orders and deliveries to dignitaries and other famous people. Recently, we delivered many large, spectacukar floral arrangement to the King of Saudi Arabia while he was in New York City. When FTD International needs an exquisite arrangement or has special demands from a foreign customer, they call on us.

As a member of FTD, the oldest US floral wire service, we are also an affiliate of Interflora. Together, they provides floral services in most of the world.

We are also a top member of Teleflora, the other large US floral service. We receive many international orders through Teleflora and send some overseas orders through them.

We try our very best to accomodate foreign customers. We are almost alone in accepting the JCB credit card, which is the Japanese equivalent of American Express. We cooperated with the JCB New York office in fulfilling the floral and gift basket needs of their Japanese customers living in Japan or the US. Ask us what JCB is, we know–and value the business of our Japanese fower customers.

You can visit us through our website, citifloral.com, anytime, day or night. to place an international order, click on International Deliveries. And, for those of you who are more fluent in languages other than English, you can view our website and order in French or Spanish. e speak your language.

People who know call on CitiFloral!

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