Don’t Forget Your Secretary or Your Admin This Year

If you have a secretary or administrative professional, don’t forget them when their week comes. It’s fast approaching next week.The holiday falls on Wednesday, April 25, but the celebration runs the whole week starting Monday, April 23!
This celebration of their contributions started as Secretaries’ Day. Then, it was extended to Seretaries’ Week to give a longer period for recognition.

Finally, as a result of the decline of old-time secretaries and a push from the Professional Secretaries Association to recognize the professional status of their members, the name of the holiday was officially replaced with Admintrative Professionals Day or Week.

It used to be that a boss had to give a gift to his or her secretary–or else. Failure to do so was at the boss’s peril. Some secretaries or admins will still be insulted if they receive no gift or an inaequate one. Others may not know the difference or even care.

When you decide to get a gift for Secretaries/Administrative Professional Day, you can count on CitiFloral to deliver your expression of thanks with a beautiful floral arrangement that will make them the envy of everyone at their office.

Don’t forget: This holiday only comes once a year. It’s your chance to shine with your secretary or administrative assistant for all they do for you.

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