The Ole Reliable Poinsettia – A Perfect Holiday Gift

White Poinsettia in Basket

White Poinsettia in Basket

It’s December here in New York City, where everyone is taken with the spirit of the season from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree to the large lighted snowflakes on Fifth Avenue to the real snowflakes that descend on us once a year in this festive season.

And, this is the time of year for the ubiquitous poinsettia plant. It’s the most traditional of Christmas decorations that’s perfect just about everywhere. Poinsettias ooze with the holiday spirit, conveying brightness in this darkest time of year and a meaningful emotional connection with Christmases past.

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Poinsettias are the most popular gift that people give one another for the holiday season. But, did you know that poinsettias—native plant of Mexico–are actually the best selling potted plant in the US year round? A perfect gift for anyone’s budget, you can’t go wrong with a poinsettia. When you don’t know what else to get someone who has everything, why not get them the one icon of Christmas that would enhance their celebration of the season—a poinsettia?

Everyone thinks of the poinsettia as a red flowering plant that naturally turns to its vibrant color in December each year—much as leaves turn to autumn hues every fall. If you decide to go with the traditional red poinsettia, there are many sizes available—all the way from large trees to petite specimens, a perfect size for every occasion and location—whether it be a home, office or lobby.

If traditional red is too cliché for your taste, poinsettias are available in a wide panoply of vibrant colors such as white, pink and peach and mixed color leaves such as the variegated marble variety and mixes of different shades of red, such as Ice Punch and Winter Rose that are in vogue this season.

If you don’t want to offend someone, white or cream is the perfect neutral color. Your non-Christian friends may not want a red poinsettia or a Christmas tree in their home, but white poinsettias are seen to convey the secular spirit of the winter season. You can never go wrong with the stunning elegance of white in your holiday flowers or plants.

Shop for Poinsettias.

If you take proper care of a poinsettia, it will flower throughout the holiday season—and if you’re the nurturing type, they’ll last throughout the year and reflower the next December. Nurses in a local Upper East Side hospital used to treat their poinsettias with TLC and keep them beautifying and purifying their surroundings as living green plants for the whole year.

Poinsettias are about the easiest plants to take care of. Just keep them moist but not drenched. The main reason they often`don’t last is that people sometimes neglect them and forget that, like us, they need water. In the past, some of our New York customers didn’t realize how hot their offices were in winter, so they let the plants dry out and had to order a second batch.

The other important reason poinsettias don’t last is their exposure to cold drafts. In fact, one of our midtown Manhattan buildings won’t even attempt to use poinsettias to decorate their lobby any more because they can’t survive the howling wind that blows in every time they open their front door.

You shouldn’t worry about poinsettias being toxic. That’s an old wives’ tale that scientific studies have proven wrong. It’s just like any other plant that you wouldn’t want your cat to eat.

We carry a wide variety of sizes and colors of poinsettia plants throughout December. You can order your poinsettias online on CitiFloral’s websites, with free delivery and no service charge–ever. We’ll deliver your poinsettias anywhere in New York, the US and Canada promptly and efficiently.

If you’re in our Yorkville neighborhood, please visit our newly remodeled store and choose from our wide selection of poinsettia plants, other seasonal plants like amaryllis and paperwhites, and beautifully decorated wreaths. It’s the personal touch of schmoozing that you’ll never get with a faceless internet site of one of our competitors.

If you’re looking to buy many poinsettia plants together here in New York City, we will do our best to offer you a better price to fill your needs within your budget. Our quality is great. We hope you’ll find our prices for poinsettias fair and affordable.

Please don’t look at poinsettias as a luxury. They are the essence of the holiday season. And, in terms of the Christmas gifts and decorations that are available, they are comparatively reasonable and flexibly ubiquitous—the ole reliable poinsettia plant.

Red  Poinsettia in a Basket

Red Poinsettia in a Basket

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