Gene Burdge

Some 27 years ago, CitiFloral had its genesis in the minds of Gene Burdge and Jeff Gaster. They decided to pair their talents and open a flower shop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, they created a literal Little Shop of Flowers in a storefront on York Avenue that had seen its better days as a floral shop.

Gene brought extensive floral design experience to the package. He had worked his way up from being a floral driver to accomplished designer in his native New Jersey before making the leap to Manhattan, where he met the challenge (with Jeff) of building a full-service florist with a reputation that caught on in a city with discriminating tastes.

Gene brought CitiFloral his unique talents in creating tropical exotic floral designs and fruit and gourmet gift baskets—for which he became known as the “basket case.”

At times seemingly against all odds, Jeff and Gene kept CitiFloral going and growing. Then, a few years ago, Gene decided to retire to Florida.

Gene, our dear friend, passed away Dec. 26, one day short of his 61st birthday. His memory lives on in our store. We will miss him dearly.

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  • Ray

    I’m sorry to hear about Gene’s passing. I know how important his expertise was to Citifloral’s success. I’m sure without him there would be no Citifloral. Great guy, he will be sorely missed.

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