Plan ahead for Valentines Day

Before you know it, February 14th will be upon us. And, with it the intense pressure for everyone to do this Valentine’s Day right. In fact, it’s such a matter of life and death to some people that they will do anything to make their Valentine’s Day perfect.

One of the key elements of Valentine’s Day is the flowers. And, everybody’s favorite seems to be red roses. There are lots of other choices, but every year it’s red roses that lovers want to give each other. They’ve most likely experienced great roses and service on Valentine’s Day—and in some cases the opposite. And, they know they’ve got to get it right. If they go for a seeming bargain, they will never hear the end of it.

CitiFloral has tried many varieties of roses through the years, and we’ve settled on Forever Young red roses as the best for our customers for Valentine’s Day and every day. They look like a rose should look, and they are longer lasting than other varieties. We have great success with Forever Young roses on Valentine’s Day, drawing our customers’ kudos and only rarely a complaint. There’s a reason they stick with us.

Everyone knows that the law of supply and demand drives the price of red roses through the roof. Although roses cost us more than twice the normal price for this holiday, we try our best to keep our roses at a price that everyone can afford. We deliver a quality, lasting product at a reasonable price. That’s why our loyal followers come back to CitiFloral every year when they want the very best for their loved one—and are willing to pay what it takes to get roses on Valentine’s Day.

Plan ahead. You can’t wait until the last minute for Valentine’s Day. Be ahead of the pack and preorder your roses so you can rest assured that this extremely important celebration goes off without a hitch. The last think you’d want on Valentine’s Day is scurrying that morning for a rose delivery. Don’t leave things to chance. We encourage you to call CitiFloral to help you make this a perfect Valentine’s Day as soon as you’re ready to decide.

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