Citifloral Reviews

All too often florists only hear from the bad reviewers. Sometimes we deserve it I know, but other times we do not. On the phone, in person and in emails we receive lots of good reviews. So we are going to start sharing them on our blog. If someone is kind enough to write a good review we want to share it.

Found on Yelp:
I don’t know if competition is trying to give this company a bad name or if people really have had bad experiences with them. It’s hard to tell sometimes, but personally I always been happy with their service. I actually stopped using them for a while because of all the negative reviews they have received. Stupid me. I need to learn to take everything with a grain of salt. After doing further investigating, I noticed that the same exact negative reviews have popped up on multiple websites. It looks fishy to me, honestly.

Personally, every time I have ordered from them in the past they have delivered promptly. The person that I have been sending flowers to for the past five years always makes sure to snap a picture with her phone because I have asked her to. How many times have you sent something to someone and they say it was great but only because they don’t want to hurt your feelings? Well, even with her crummy camera phone, I could always tell that her flowers looked fresh.

Long story short, after not ordering from them for maybe a year or so, i got tired of how disgusting 1800 Flowers arrangements are. They literally send rotten flowers and there was no way I was going to send my girlfriend of five years flowers in a box for her to arrange herself. When she sent me a picture of what I ordered, I was very pleased. They also delivered exactly when they said they would. Five stars.
Christina R.
Garden City, NY

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