CitiFloral Remembers 9/11/2001

Everyone has different memories of 9/11. Its 12 years ago. But who can forget?

Our day started out routinely. The sky was cloudless blue, the air serene. Our driver left early with the morning deliveries, most of which were destined for Downtown Manhattan. Then, in the middle of his deliveries, the driver called to tell us that a plane had hit something and that he had to evacuate the World Financial Center. We didn’t believe him, but sure enough a radio report confirmed that a plane had hit the World Trade Center across the street.

An Israeli flower wholesaler was visiting at the time and correctly predicted the attack of a second plane. The story was earth-shattering, but the enormity of the attack began to take hold. We followed the events on radio. I went home to witness both WTC towers collapse to the ground, horrifying, unbelievable sights.

We tried to conduct business as best we could—as there was nothing else we could do—until it became clear that we couldn’t reach the lower half of Manhattan. The city went into a mode of shock and horror, and lives were changed forever.

Eventually, the unaffected areas of New York started operating again. And, life approached normality. But, scars were left on all of us—some that would heal over time and some that would never heal.

With the beneficence of an Australian couple, we started giving flowers away in front of our store—an effort to restore some beauty to the lives of New Yorkers who had suffered in their own way from the events of 9/11.

To this day—and today was no exception—we give flowers that are still beautiful, but past their prime, to all that pass our storefront in the morning. 9/11 might be over, but the community spirit that characterized New York at that time should be kept alive forever. We’ll keep doing our part.

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