Birthday delivery

Ever get to the end of a long day’s work and do something nice for someone and then get a charge out of the way they respond? Many of our orders come from overseas via Interflora and FTD. This is one of those situations that seem to be routine, but as time goes on you realize that an easy delivery is sometimes the exception. The recipient is a woman from the UK celebrating her birthday. She works at the Guggenheim office in Tribeca–not the museum near us on the Upper East Side. Like many Manhattan office buildings, the recipient has to come to the lobby to accept a delivery. Only problem is the phone number we have is someone else’s–and we don’t find that out until they call back. Even the Guggenheim operator has a problem finding her. We give up and leave, but we were able to leave a message for her, and she calls back. Time is running out on her birthday, but we arrange to meet her at home later. I arrive at her door in the West Village at 11:05. It’s so late I expect the worst. Her husband appears at the door, calls her, and she is elated that we would go out of our way to bring her the birthday gift of flowers from her mum and dad across the seas before the clock strikes 12. Beaming, she says that we went above and beyond the call of duty tonight. If we navigate through the vicissitudes of a day, sometimes there’s a reward at the end of the tunnel. Tonight, it was the feeling of making the day of someone so nice. Ended the day on a high. –Jeff Gaster

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