Telephone Problems Won’t Stop Us!

Here we are a busy florist at the beginning of Valentine’s Week–and the phone is ringing off the hook. But not in way that you’d hope for. The phone has taken on a life of its own–and our main phone line has been ringing incessantly here now for hours. It seems that that there’s no way to stop the annoying sound–which is distracting as hell when you’re trying to answer the calls that get through and accomplish the work you need to get done.

And, this is not the only telephone problem we’ve been experiencing as we approach the busiest holiday of the year for CitiFloral–and all florists. The line that feeds our fax and credit card systems has been on the blink for about a week as well. We’ve engineered a temporary fix using an old phone line that we thought was extinct before we tried and succeeded in using it.

Now we can totally empathize with the victims of telephonitis–a virus that seems to infect every business at one time or another. Although we’ve had our share of telephone problems, we didn’t think our business would have ever been affected by a massive telephone malfunction as it has today. Nobody escapes–and we guess it’s our turn.

Having to deal with a multiplicity of phone companies–none of which seems willing to take responsibility for its function in life–is intolerably exasperating. You can call them till the cows come home–and they ignore you and offer you every excuse under the sun why nothing can be done when you need it. And, they’re experts at pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for a problem.

You could blame deregulation for this sad state of affairs. Once upon a time, AT&T and New York Telephone took care of all of our communication transmission and equipment needs. Now even A Little Shop of Flowers–CitiFloral–uses a panoply of companies to serve our telecommunication needs. For telephone service, we look to DigiZip, Verizon and Verizon Wireless. For equipment, it’s Avaya–a spinoff from AT&T. And for internet, we’re dealing with AT&T and Verizon.

Try to get service? If we were as bad as they are at customer service, we’d be out of business right now. Are we alone–or does everyone feel the utter frustration of dealing with some of them most unresponsive organizations that purport to provide telecommunications service?

We are pleased to report that–after five hours–this combine of their genius minds finally carried out our request to reroute our calls to a working line.

So finally you can reach CitiFloral once again at (212) 410-0303 or (800) 248-4692.

While you can’t fax us right now, you can still email us at

And, as always, you can find us on the net at

The phantom line has stopped its incessant ringing–and for all intents and purposes CitiFloral is back in business. And, we’re pleased to announce that our phones have been saved from a fate worse than death.

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