What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? …

Question 2. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Describe both your greatest achievements and biggest challenges.

I started my professional life in New York–after graduating from Harvard Law School–as a corporate and business attorney at a large law firm. Simultaneously, I maintained my lifelong intrigue with business–having pursued this at Penn’s Wharton School. While a lawyer, I invested in some enterprises I didn’t control with mixed results. I decided it would better to use my money in a business in which I participated. A friend who was a lifelong florist and I discussed contributing our complementary talents into a new flower shop. We looked for a location–found one right down the street where I lived–and we signed a lease for a store that had housed a florist. In a couple of weeks, we were the proud owners of a new florist in centrally located Yorkville. Initially not intending to make floristry my life’s career, I was soon drawn into the everyday workings of the flower shop. Every moment since then has been an inexperience of learning on the job–dealing with and overcoming the immense challenges that even a small, complex business presents. But, serving people’s needs and engaging with some of finest people you’d ever want to meet has made this a venture of love.

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