What would a $100,000 grant…?

Question 4 What would a $100,000 grant mean to your business and how will you utilize the funds? Please be as specific as possible.

The $100,000 grant would be a blessing to our business, which has struggled through hard times–especially five years ago, when our florist-in-chief Jeff Gaster suffered a traumatic brain injury during a robbery in our store and CitiFloral was without him for 7 months. Our sales volume–which had peaked in 2008–declined precipitously, and we have been feverishly working to restore the business activity that established us as one of the premier florists in New York. While we have used our limited resources to establish a strong social media presence, we have been unable to conduct a more expensive marketing campaign to reestablish an internet sales volume that would once again generate the cash flow necessary for us to properly support our expenses. We completely rebuilt our main website (citifloral.net) last year–and we still maintain 4 others–but had to temporarily abandon our 2 specialty sites–which we would like to rebuild if funds are available. We recently renovated the interior of our store while our landlord modernized our show window and the face of our building. But, we have two veteran delivery vans that require considerable maintenance costs to be reliable 7 days–but which we could reduce with a new vehicle.

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