Holiday Floral Arrangements


It’s getting to that time of year when poinsettias were normally the king of holiday floral products.

While poinsettias have become commonplace and ubiquitous, there is still a market niche for us to fill.

While we are not able to compete with the mass merchandisers on price, we can provide a better product–as we do with orchid plants.

Every plant we deliver comes from a trusted source and is fresh and lasting.

No poinsettia goes out the door without being dressed properly–in as simple or decorative basket, bow and moss.

Other accouterments such as branches and Christmas green can be added to make the presentation even more festive.

Since holiday decorating will be starting around late Thanksgiving this year, we now carry all appropriate poinsettia products at uniform prices starting this week.

We would offer a 10% discount on orders of 4 or more poinsettias to a single address. Call us for that discount


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