January 2016 To Our Hospital Neighbors:

We very much appreciate having the opportunity to work with you, our hospital neighbors, during the last 30 years…and counting. We are writing to remind you of the services we offer and ways in which we may help you.

CitiFloral, A Little Shop of Flowers, is centrally located on York Avenue between 87th and 88th Street. Located along “Bedpan Alley,” we have always been especially attentive to the unique needs of our local Upper East Side hospitals and their departments, staff members and patients. We recognize that hospital-related business is very important to us–and consequently we pay special attention to orders placed by or going to a hospital, department, staff member or patient.

Since we opened in 1986, we have maintained a special hospital telephone hotline for the exclusive use of hospital employees and people they provide our phone number to:
CitiFloral Hospital Hotline: 212-410-4242

If we receive a call on this line, we will know that the caller was referred by hospital staff, and we will give special care to the order.
We are open 7 days a week. Our official hours are Monday-Friday, 7 am-6 pm; Saturday, 8 am-4 pm; and Sunday, 9 am-12 noon. Our website, citifloral.net, and our phone messaging service are available at all times.

We feature a fine selection of fresh Holland, tropical and traditional flowers, as well as quality roses, orchids and wildflowers. We also offer fruit and/or gourmet gift baskets, green plants, orchid and other blooming plants, dish gardens, chocolates, balloons, stuffed animals and greeting cards.
We encourage customers to view our easy-to-use citifloral.net website to actually see the wide variety of products we offer—as well as the prices they pay. Whether they are new to CitiFloral or a loyal, long-term regular, our customers love to be able to choose exactly what they want to send to a patient or employee.
Using our website to select a product to order gives another valuable benefit: There is no delivery charge on any of our online products. That’s a savings of the $14 normal delivery charge to local hospitals.

Our consumer-friendly policy also includes no service charge on our internet products. We are the only florist that doesn’t impose a service charge on internet orders—which may be as much as $20 per order.

CitiFloral’s Exclusive Website: citifloral.net
So here’s the bonus that thrills people: If they order one of our website products, they get free regular delivery and pay no service charge—just the price they see plus tax. They save the delivery charge most florists add on (our normal hospital delivery fee is $14), and they don’t pay a service fee (up to $20 with the national services).
We still provide what we believe are superior flower arrangements and expert delivery service. We recognize the importance of every hospital order and our need to maintain our fine reputation of serving hospitals with the utmost care.

We also provide rush delivery service when it’s too late to meet a same-day delivery deadline or someone’s just in a rush to get their delivery made. For $15, not only do we get a delivery there on the same day, but we’re as fast as we can be.

With our 30 years of extensive experience, we are very familiar with the delivery rules and procedures of each local hospital. If there’s a way to make a delivery, we’ll work with the hospital staff to accomplish it. We also entertain requests for special delivery service outside normal hospital delivery hours when feasible.
We also have an extensive social media presence. You can find us on Facebook as CitiFloral – A Little Shop of Flowers NYC.
We accept all major credit and debit cards or cash and maintain accounts for each of our local hospitals.
We offer special discounts to hospital departments and employees who assist in the provision of patient and telephone information and handling of our flower deliveries.
Please call our staff with any comments, questions or suggestions you may have. We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship with you.
With best regards,

Jeff Gaster

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