CitiFloral’s Involvement in the Yorkville Community Extends to Notary Services

CitiFloral has learned that involvement in our Yorkville community can some sometimes take on unpredictable dimensions. Jeff Gaster has been a Notary Public for decades. But, this was largely unknown. Word has gotten around–and places like UPS and Chase Bank that used to offer notary services have been referring Jeff to people in need of a notary. And make no mistake about it: People from all walks of life need a notary’s services for documents of all types more than ever before. And, notaries who are available to the public are scarcer than ever. As a result, more people are visiting our shop who wouldn’t have come here otherwise. This could mean more floral customers. But it definitely has meant meeting a variety of interesting people–with their own unique stories and reasons for coming–from a large community that extends through the Upper East Side and East Harlem.

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