Are florists service charges necessary?

I had gleaned some materials concerning service charges introduced to me by Joe Chacko when I started formulating this article on service charges.

I found that the researchers and industry people were aware of the rather draconian service and other charges imposed by online floral vendors–but that the issue was generally hidden from the gullible . . . → Read More: Are florists service charges necessary?

Birthday delivery

Ever get to the end of a long day’s work and do something nice for someone and then get a charge out of the way they respond? Many of our orders come from overseas via Interflora and FTD. This is one of those situations that seem to be routine, but as time goes on you . . . → Read More: Birthday delivery

Our 15 Minutes of fame.

In the very beginning, CitiFloral was a regular supplier for the broadcast media in New York. We delivered gifts from the original Law & Order in their very first season to all the locations that allowed them to shoot episodes. It was great being part of a show that immediately captured the public’s attention. We . . . → Read More: Our 15 Minutes of fame.

Fall Flowers

It is the time of year that days get shorter and people start spending more time inside. The colors inside our store start to shift as well. We begin to see gold and reds. Everyone has a little more energy and we get more creative. Here are a couple of our fall arrangements. Who would . . . → Read More: Fall Flowers

Hydrangea’s Delivered in New York City

Hydrangea is increasing in popularity. Click to buy

A Classic & Beautiful Summer Flower for Any Occasion

Summer is a perfect time for that flower that is admired by all and perfect to convey your sentiments at this time of year — hydrangea. Perk up anyone’s day with a beautiful vase of fresh hydrangea. Perfect . . . → Read More: Hydrangea’s Delivered in New York City

Peonies – The Spring Flower to Every Woman’s Heart!

Through all the seasons of the year, we are constantly asked for those beautiful, fragrant flowers that make almost any woman–and a few men–melt. It has become the flower of passion this year, perfect for just about any occasion!

Order Peonies Now for Free Delivery in NYC

Well, peonies are here in full bloom this . . . → Read More: Peonies – The Spring Flower to Every Woman’s Heart!

We Speak Your Language

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, flowers are too. Remember the phrase “Say It With Flowers?”

We are so caught up these days in transmitting our words, by email, text or other newfangled communications devices that we sometimes overlook some of the finer traditional treasures of life. One of these . . . → Read More: We Speak Your Language