Sunflower Promotion

Sunflowers are perfect flowers for just about any occasion or person in the fall–autumnal tones, ubiquitous symbols of happiness, emblematic of harvest time.

The supply of local NYC sunflowers–so prevalent in the summer and early fall–has all but disappeared. Fortunately, we have a great reliable supply of perfect sized sunflowers still coming from South America . . . → Read More: Sunflower Promotion

Sunflowers are blooming!

Sunflower Power Product Code: T13-3

Sunflowers are in full bloom at Citifloral. We are always happy to deliver a big vase of sunflowers to our customers. It never fails to elicit a “WOW” from the recipient. Sunflowers tend to stay fresher longer than a lot of flowers so don’t forget to change the water . . . → Read More: Sunflowers are blooming!